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The Structure of the Administration of Gubkin Urban District

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The Head of the Administration of Gubkin Urban District -

Anatoly Alekseevich Kretov,

tel. (office) 5-25-15



The First Deputy of the Head of the Administration, Head of Administration Staff -

Igor Nikolaevich Cherenkov

tel. (office) 5-22-31

Supervised Departments:

Organisation, Supervision and Staff Management Administration

Organization and Supervision Department

Municipal Service and Staff Management Department

Legal Department

Department of forensic claims, and regulatory and contractual work

Information and Analytical Department

Department of the Support of Municipal Service

Accounting Department

IT and Communications Department

Archives Department


Deputy of the Head of the Administration for Fiscal Policy, Finance Support and Economics, Head of the Finance and Fiscal Policy Administration

Nechepaeva Olga Mikhailovna,

tel. (office) 2-01-65

Supervised Departments:

Finance and Fiscal Policy Administration

The Budgetary Department

Department of the Treasury execution of the budget

Control Department of Budgetary Funds Use

Department for Accounting and Reporting

Department of Budget Revenues and Market Economy

Department for Accounting and Control of Inflow and Local Taxes

Department of Legal, Informational and Analytical Support



Deputy of the Head of the Administration for Construction, Housing and Public Utilities -

Aleksey Mikhailovich Kotenev,

tel. (office) 5-11-96

Supervised Departments:

Town-Planning Policy Committee

Town-Planning Policy Department

Architecture and Town-Planning Policy Administration

Department of Architecture, Masterplan and Information Support of City Planning Activity

MI “Department of Сapital Сonstruction Management”

Department of Housing and Communal Services and Life Support Systems

Department of Economics and Tariff Policy

Department for Housing Development

Department of Accounting and Housing Stock Distribution

Department of Accounting

Municipal Property Management Committee

Municipal Property Management Department

Municipal Property Register Department

Department of municipal property rent and privatization

Municipal Land Use Administration

Community Land Management Department

Department of Transfer of Agricultural Lands

Municipal Contract Department



Deputy of the Head of the Administration for Industrial Agriculture and Minor Farms Development -

Yury Borisovich Kudinov,

tel. (office) 5-22-59

Supervised Departments:

Department of Agriculture



Deputy of the Head of the Administration for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports -

Svetlana Nikolaevna Zhiryakova,

tel. (office) 7-57-15

Supervised Departments:

Education and Science Administration

Culture Administration

Youth Policy Administration

Physical Culture and Sports Administration

Commission on Juvenile Affairs and Protection of the Rights of Minors



Deputy of the Head of the Administration for Social Policy and Public Health Service -

Oksana Vasilievna Kasyanenko,

tel. (office) 7-66-17

Supervised Departments:

Social Policy Administration

Public Health Service Administration

Department of Registration and Civil Status

Department of the RF Pension Fund for Gubkin City and Gubkin District



Deputy of the Head of the Administration, Secretary of the Security Council -

Yuri Nikolaevich Gorbachov,

tel. (office) 5-13-23

Supervised Departments:

Department of the Security Council Activity Management

Administration for Civil Defense and Emergency Situation Management

United Duty Dispatching Service 01

Transport, Communication and Telecommunications Department

Labour Department

Municipal Control Department

Administrative Commission