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Gubkin Urban District, the municipality of Belgorod Oblast, is a part of the structurally balanced region with a moderate investment potential and minimal investment risk. Belgorod Oblast ranks the 19th among other Russian Federation regions on the basis of the consolidated index of investment potential (according to the report of the Ministry of Regional Development on the situation in economy, financial and banking and social spheres of the Russian Federation territorial subject in January - September 2010).

The investment potential of the urban district is based on the following factors: favourable geographical location; availability of land resources and free sites for investment, the developed transport and engineering infrastructure allowing the development of industry and business; large investments in the development of mining industry.

The promising areas of business in the territory of Gubkin Urban District are: industrial production and innovations; nature protection activities; agriculture; processing of recoverable resources; transport business; the development of automobile cargo traffic; construction; the development of the business activities in housing and public utility sector; manufacture of goods and rendering of services for physically challenged people; medicine; retail trade of pharmaceuticals, medicines, cosmetics and perfumery products; manufacture of all types of goods. The favourable investment climate of Gubkin Urban District is created by means of: the developing mechanisms of the partnership between state and private organizations; the removal of administrative obstacles for investors; the work of the Economic Council as a part of the Gubkin Urban District Administration; support of municipal bodies providing land property; assistance in solving the problems related to the development of engineering infrastructure and connection to gas-distributing systems and power grids; improvement of the communications with prospective investors.

In 2009, the total investments in the property assets in Gubkin Urban District from all sources of financing were 3,202 mln Roubles; according to the forecast, in 2010 investments will increase up to 3,606.8 mln Roubles. The prospective investors have been provided with the register of 12 investment sites; the investment offers for 4 investment facilities were made.

As of November 2010, 5 initiative bids were made by the small business entities, with the total expected investments of 606.6 mln Roubles. The implementation of the provided business plans includes: the construction of modern integral waste treatment system to solve the problems of environment protection and sanitation in Gubkin Urban District; the production of 150 tons of lamb on live weight basis, processing of 30 tonnes of fleece, 30,000 hides of small cattle and rabbits; the construction of underground vegetable store to supply cheap fresh vegetables and fruit off-season to municipal entities and community; the construction of recreation zone in the settlement of Oskolets; the provision of gas supply to the industrial area in Revolutionary street.